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Tasting olive oil in Istria was a great reason to head to Istria.

We gladly responded to the invitation of the Galić family and tasting olive oil in Istria.

The production of the Galić family is located in Parenzana, a beautiful part of Istria near Grožnjan, Buje and Motovun.

Fifteen years ago, they planted their first 20 olives for their own taste.

After getting out of the car we stopped for a few minutes.

The peace and beauty of the place won us over at first.

The production area is located on a small and romantic hill with a beautiful view.

Upon arrival we were given a brief introduction on olive oil production.

At first, During the day, harvested olives are transported to the selected Istrian oil mill on steep terrains at sunset.

Second, During the evening and night, the fruit is processed mechanically and cold pressed and converted into extra virgin olive oil.

By morning the process will be complete and the first rays of the sun will invite you to go to the olive grove again.

The owner says that only this way of processing olives provides the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

Tasting Olive Oil

We tasted 7 types of olive oils of the Galić family.

Tasting Olive Oil

We have to admit that this was our first tasting olive oils in Istria.

During tasting olive oil glasses must be colored.

Colored glasses affect the decision on its taste. Certainly our next step was to approach the glass to smell it.

The scent you feel can certainly contribute to the overall impression.

When it came time to taste the olive oil, at first we had no idea what a pleasure it was.

Tasting olive oil in Istria was a real experience for us.

We were most impressed by Laccino First Night oil.

After tasting the olive oils, there were many other delicacies of the Galić family in front of us, which we tasted with pleasure and truly enjoyed them.

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