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Paragliding in Croatia is on a several locations

You can enjoy a beautiful view above the sea and mountain.

We decided to try tandem paragliding near Rijeka in a small village Tribalj in the North Croatia.

Paragliding is prefect thing to do in Croatia and ultimate travel experience that you need to try once in lifetime.

Our guide Ivana is wonderful person and she did already thousands of paragliding tandems.

When we came to Tribalj we drov up the hill together.

Teh crew offers tandem paragliding from 770m above the Kvarner Gulf

Since this was our first paragliding experience the excitement was not lacking.

Before the flight Ivana explained the rules of paragliding.

And then came the moment.

We were soon up.

The beautiful view from the air leaves you breathless.

The paragliding flight takes an hour or less.

Paragliding It s not scary at all.

We were lucky because we had a beautiful panoramic view of the Kvarner bay and the islands.

After flight descending to the spacious green area was quick and easy.

For us this was great paragliding adventure experience.

During the paragliding you get a camera so you can capture everything you see.

We can provide you great high resolution action camera photos of your tandem flight.

We can offer you cross country paragliding and panoramic paragliding in Croatia.

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