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Summers camps can be great time to pursue personal growth and experiences. 

Camps are is located on the Adriatic sea 

summer camp environment may allow children to learn new skills.

Coming to Croatia for the first time in summer camp you will be immersed in a completely new environment.

And Why Croatia?

‘Many beautiful beaches.

With almost 2,000 km of coastline and over 1000 of islands.

Croatia is truly a pearl of Mediterranean.

With rich natural and cultural heritage, attracts travelers.

Sailing Camp
Sailing Camp

We have in our offer;

International English Summer camp located in Savudrija,.

Beautiful western part of Istrian peninsula..

Accommodation is provided in charming bungalows.

English and Sailing Summer Ca,mp is located on island Murter in Dalmatia.

For those who like or want learn how to sail.

The basics sailing course is designed for anyone.

And International. Croatian Summer Camp is located on the Lošinj island.

International Croatian Camp
International Croatian Camp

A comfortable and safe stay of your children is guaranteed by our team.

We have qualified teachers and instructors.

Full board meals are provided. for all our students.

It is great opportunity to meet new friends .

We are proud of our health and safety procedures.

Our top priority to keep our camp and our guests safe from Covid.

The camps are open from early June to late August.

And if you whant know more, contact us;


Be confident and step out from the crowd,.

Take pride in your life experiences.

Tell people that you’ve attended summer camp in the beautiful country Croatia!

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