Bike Tour Island Krk

Bike Tour Island Krk

The island of Krk is beautiful also in winter time, spring and early autumn, which is also a time you will want to come and explore and take Bike Tour.

The position, beautiful views and unusual vegetation make this place special and ideal for cycling.

Beautiful view from Krk Bridge

Krk is completely covered by cycling paths.

You can enjoy the paths that connect the entire island with over 273 different cycling routes on Krk.

Cycling,Island Krk

Bike Routes are hilly or downhill type.

The cycling  trail between Malinska and Punat follows the main north -south road of the beautiful island of Krk.

Bringing your bike to Krk will mean exploring the island in a completely different way than most of the tourist.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike”

You can also easily rent a bike from Farus travel agency located just 3 min from Krk bridge www.farus-travel

Island Krk offers one of the best cycling experiences in Croatia with its coastal and countryside trails for all fitness levels.

Also island Krk is proud to have developed an app for cyclists called Krk Bike where you can find all the cycling routes on the island of Krk.

It also contains brief tourist cycling information for most of the island towns. It is free and downloadable.

If you prefer more traditional methods of finding your cycling routes around the island, visit office FARUS TRAVEL AGENCY and pick up your cycling map of the island.

Rent A Bike, Farus travel
Beautiful view, island Krk – Omišalj


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