Opatija favorite timeless resort

Opatija favorite timeless resort

Opatija favorite timeless resort is for all seasons in the Kvarner region.. It was a favorite holiday destination of 19th century Austrians. As a result Opatija still have beautiful old hotels today. Many of these hotels were built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Opatija really seems a little different from many other cities on the Croatian coast, so much so that you would think you might be on the French Riviera!

The elegant architecture of the city and the Mediterranean landscape have made Opatija, favorite timeless resort a popular destination. Moreover, Kvarner has a temperate climate because it is a popular health resort and the resort.

Opatija Favorite Sights and Resorts

The rocky shore and pine forest stretch along the entire 12 kilometers of the Lungomare promenade, all the way to the picturesque village of Lovran. Along the way there are dozens of hidden coves where you can swim and enjoy the peace.

Furthermore, one of the most famous symbols of the city is the Virgin with the seagull. The sculpture depicts a girl with outstretched arms facing a seagull, looking out to sea. Opatija’s favorite main street in the city has a “Walk of Fame” on the sidewalk, made after the one in Hollywood. Also, you can find out more at the info@opatija-tourism.hr.

Lastly, Opatija is one of the few resorts with some for everyone. Families enjoy the children’s park by the sea, couples can take a romantic walk along the Lungomare ore to enjoy the restaurants, singles in the nightlife. Opatija is one of the main resorts destination and it has quite a few 4 and 5 star hotels.

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