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If you want to enjoy the beautiful blue sky along the Drava River, listen to the rustling of birch and willow, the chirping of birds, and the occasional church bell, then come to Podravina.

Podravina stretches along the Drava River, and on the other side, it borders with “Bilogora”, “Kalnički gorje”, “Papuk” and “Krndija”, and stretches through three Croatian counties.

The larger cities are Koprivnica, Đurđevac, Pitomača, and Virovitica. The center of Podravina is Koprivnica, a city with a beautiful baroque core. Another city is Đurđevac, which is an idyllic town with the famous Old Town, and the widely known for the legend of “Picok”. The legend is associated with the fight against the Turks in this area.

Nevertheless, Đurđevac is known for one natural phenomenon, which is “Đurđevac sand”. Sandy pedological cover created by river sediments and the action of the wind.

Food and Cuisine in Podravina

Stop by the Slavko Čamba Etno Museum, family farm part of the collection presented as a traditional living space, with typical furniture and furnishings. Thus, rich history and tradition are the main features we encounter visiting this area. Podravina is one of the main holiday destinations for this very reason. During the stay, visitors can enjoy a rich offer of delicious indigenous dishes and homemade wine and brandy.

Whether it is traditional Podravina “štruklji”, porridge, cauldron. Likewise, “fish” and “Krpice” with cabbage local delicacies will not leave anyone indifferent. Podravina dishes are a combination of Austro-Hungarian, Hungarian, and even French cuisine.

Apart from all types of dishes there are, Podravina has some interesting ways of using bread as their main component in food. Thus, try bread soup, bread with walnuts, noodles with sour cream, and poppy seeds. Furthermore, there are Drava fish in corn crumbs, “zlevanke”, “mazanice”, and štruklji with fresh cabbage, pumpkin, and poppy seeds.

Discover this region of song, wine, and bread. Bathe in the Drava River, sleep in a restored old barn. Enjoy “off-road” horseback riding or cycling. Surrounded by endless fields of corn and sunflowers and over 530 kilometers of marked bike paths. Numerous castles, museums, ethnographic collections, and numerous cultural events are some of the reasons why you should come to this Croatian region.

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