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On the way to the Adriatic Sea, curious people will discover the canyon of the river Korana. There, you will see the old mill settlement – “Rastoke”. Rastoke and its old fairy-tale mills is one of those places where you can stop and take a break enjoying the beauty of waterfalls and watermills.

What makes Rastoke different from similar natural phenomena in Croatia is certainly the harmonious combination of unusual natural beauty and human activity. Therefore, when you get closer to Rastoke you will see a large plateau. It contains islets, interspersed with many backwaters, cascades and waterfalls. They are all connected by small bridges, with traditional houses many of which were or still are mills.

Because of its unique architectural heritage, ethnographic and historical value, Rastoke became a cultural monument in 1969. Numerous noisy waterfalls and cascades imbed the natural blue-green waters of the river “Slunjčice”. Most famous of which are “Buk”, “Vilina kosa” and “Hrvoje”.

The fairy-tale mills

A special feature of the fairy-tale mills in Rastoke is the traditional cuisine that tourists can try, sitting near the waterfalls and enjoying the murmur of the water. The most famous dish is trout that live in fishponds in the clear water of the river. Rastoke is very famous for “proji”. This type of unleavened bread is most often made from five types of cereals. Therefore, corn, barley, millet, wheat, rye are obtained by grinding in mills. You can also try specialties characteristic for this area, such as polenta, “mlaćenice”, “krafne”, sour milk and cheese.

When you enter the restaurant’s courtyard, you can see the entrance to the “mill”. In addition, you can see how corn grinding works. If you decide to just take a walk, visit the nearby waterfalls, and feel the real power of the water that drives the old wooden mills.

Enjoy the beauty of waterfalls and cascades on the river, traditional food and unique ancient mills. Rastoke is a place you must visit regardless of the season because you will always feel like in a fairy tale.

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