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Delighted by the beauty of the Kornati stone islands, famous writer George Bernard Shaw wrote: “On the last day of creation, God wanted to crown his work and created the Kornati from tears, stars and breath”. Kornati stone islands are a labyrinth of small rock islands. When looking from above, they really look like tears or pearls scattered across the Adriatic Sea.

If you are looking for an ideal destination where islands and sea intertwine, where nature is untouched and pure, then visit Kornati stone islands. They are located in the northern part of Dalmatia and cover an area of ​​320 square kilometers. Kornati consists of 89 islands, islets and reefs, and is also the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean.

Kornati stone islands is divided into two groups. The first two groups make up the Upper Kornati with the larger islands of “Sita” and “Žuta” and surrounding islands. The other two groups of the Lower Kornati include the island of Kornat and the nearby islands. The biggest attraction of the island is the “Crown”. It contains vertical, steep cliffs of the Kornati islands facing the open sea. Due to their inaccessibility, the cliffs are a refuge for various species of birds and endemic plants.

Places to see at Kornati stone islands

Kornati stone islands are best visited by boat. Thus, you will first see recognizable high cliffs. The most impressive of them range from 60 to as much as 80 meters in height. An indispensable part is sailing across the sea straits between the islands. There, you can anchor and enjoy swimming and diving in the crystal clear sea. You will be especially delighted by the richness of the underwater world, which is protected by law.

If you decide to walk around the larger islands, the most striking thing you will see there is certainly the wall, more precisely the dry stone wall that stretches from one part of the island to another. Something else on the Kornati karst attracts the same attention as the dry stone wall, these are insulated fences – olive groves walled with a wide dry stone wall.

Kornati stone island is an ideal destination for boaters, divers and all other tourists looking for “Robinson Crusoe” tourism, untouched nature and crystal clear sea.

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