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Walking along the centuries-old paths of Maksimir Park, forest in Zagreb, looking at its pavilions and monuments, you suddenly start imagining ladies in crinolines and beautiful umbrellas, gentlemen in suits walking in parks and paths. But instead you see mothers with children, runners and walkers enjoying in this green oasis of Zagreb.

Maksimir is the oldest public park in Zagreb. It opened in 1794, and is also the largest and oldest city park in southern Europe. The park covers 316 hectares and is home to many plant and animal species of lowland forests. To add on, it also has five beautiful lakes.

The park is skilfully designed to take advantage of natural features such as old forests and streams, artificial lakes and ornamental plantations. Along with individual buildings and pavilions, flora gives it an amazing look and personality.

Today, it is completely surrounded by the city. Regardless, it was and remains a green oasis of the city of Zagreb. It is characterized by a network of trails that circle the park through forest areas, along lakes and across meadows, connecting several park buildings and pavilions with natural and landscaped areas.

Places to See at Maksimir Park

The biological diversity of this park – forest is astonishing. The park provides a home to many animal and plant species. There are more than a hundred species of birds and pedunculate oak forests about six hundred years old.

Particularly interesting are the architectural buildings located in the Maksimir park “Biskupski ljetnikovac”, “Vidikovac”, “Švicarska Tirolska kuća” and “Mirna koliba”. There are also various pavilions such as “Paviljoj Jeka” and the main portal at the entrance. Visit other buildings such as the chapel of St. George. It is an obelisk erected on the occasion of the completion of construction. Lastly, there is an interesting building of beehives in the outbuildings of the castle of Bishop Haulik. Visit “Sokolske mogile” in memory of the millennium of the Croatian Kingdom.

The Zagreb Zoo is located in the southern part of the park and will be especially interesting for the whole family. It is really nice to walk through one of the five picturesque Maksimir lakes or paths and forests. You will become even more aware of the beauty of the culture and nature of Maksimir Park – forest of Zagreb. If you visit Zagreb, be sure to walk through this beautiful park – forest.

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