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The basic phenomenon of the National Park Krka, pearl of Dalmatia, is tufa. It is a limestone deposit from water, which forms seven enchanting travertine waterfalls. The Krka National Park, with an area of 109 km, is located in Dalmatia. Furthermore, it includes the most beautiful part of the “Krka” River and the lower course of the “Čikola” River.

Park includes seven travertine waterfalls and is especially attractive because of the submerged estuary. This mixture of salty seawater and fresh river water is called brackish water. With the formation of travertine deposits, the creation of the most beautiful waterfalls “Skradinski buk” and “Roški slap” begins. However, there are other waterfalls along the watercourse. The creation of “Visovačko” lake and other water accumulations in parts of the canyon of today’s Krka.

Beauty of Pearl Krka

Thanks to its geographical position and a large number of different habitats, along the river Krka there is a diverse and picturesque flora. The fauna of the national park consists of numerous endemic, rare and endangered species. Thus, it makes the Krka River one of the most valuable natural units in Croatia and Europe. One of the best ways to see beauties of Krka is a boat ride organized by the Krka National Park. It departs from the pier at “Roški slap”.

In the lake parts of the river, they located the Franciscan monastery with the church of Our Lady of Mercy on the island of “Visovac” and the monastery of St. Archangel. Along the river Krka are the remains of several old Croatian fortifications from the middle ages “Kamička”, “Trošenje”, “Nečven”, “Bogočin” and “Ključica”. In addition, there are remains of the Roman military amphitheater “Burnum”. Along the course of the river Krka there are about a hundred caves and pits. Sixty-five of them are in the area of ​​the National Park.

Embark on an adventure in the Dalmatian hinterland and you will discover historical fortresses, archaeological sites. Finally, with the “Danilo” site and remains from prehistoric times, you will feel the spirit of the Dalmatian village and experience the way of life as it used to be lived. Visit Krka the pearl of Dalmatia and you won’t regret it.

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