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Dalmatian cuisine is an unmistakable blend of past and modern times in which simple and easily accessible ingredients are masterfully combined into healthy and extremely tasty traditional dishes.

Dalmatian table consists of various types of fish, shellfish and crabs, octopuses, squid and cuttlefish. Also, it contains olive oil and salted and fresh olives, green leafy vegetables, wild herbs and aromatic herbs. Nuts especially almonds, honey, citrus fruits and unrivalled Dalmatian prosciutto create the most famous traditional dish. Dalmatians smoke and dry prosciutto on the bora served with sheep cheese and lamb under the baking lid.

Famous Traditional Dishes of Dalmatia

Originally a Dalmatian traditional and world-famous dish got the name after the cuttlefish ink that colours it black is Black Risotto.
Thick soup of fish and other seafood “Brudet”, the famous Mali Ston oysters and shellfish. The first Croatian dish that enjoys the status of cultural heritage is “Soparnik”. It is a recipe from the Dalmatian hinterland that has not changed since the rule of the Turks.

Vis and Komiža bread is made from bread dough. Then, filled with onions, salted sardines and anchovies. Tomatos are an addition to Komiža bread.

Dalmatians prepare excellent meat, the famous “Dalmatian pasticada” from marinated beef stuffed with carrots and bacon. Furthermore, Dalmatian traditional dish “Peka” is actually a traditional method of making dishes most often octopus or lamb, under a metal dome covered with embers.

A freshly caught fish, in all taverns on the Dalmatian coast, is an indispensable part of the offer. Hence, the fish goes only with basic spices and the ubiquitous homemade olive oil. Then, people place it on the grill, traditional “Gradele”. One of gastronomic delicacy of the island of Pag is “Pag cheese”. Pag sheep’s milk is the crucial ingredient of the cheese.

Women in Dalmatia prepare desserts with fruit, dried figs, honey, raisins, almonds, eggs and liqueur. Some of them, such as “rožata”, “fritula”, “kroštula” and “Imotska” Torta, are imbued with the tradition of old times.

Try the unforgettable gastronomic offer of traditional Dalmatian dishes in famous restaurants and taverns along the coast.

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