Dalmatia sea, sun and traditional wines

Dalmatia sea, sun and traditional wines

Dalmatia has a centuries-old tradition of viticulture and winemaking. It produces top quality white and red wines of indigenous varieties. Traditional wines from Dalmatia go well with traditional dishes, with magical summer sunsets and countless gatherings with friends.

Grape harvests take place in September. You can take part in the harvest and in the wine production itself. Afterwards, as a souvenir you can bring a wine in the creation of which you yourself have contributed.

Some of the most famous traditional wines are: “Plavac mali”, “Dingač”, “Postup”, “Babić”, “Pošip”, “Faros”, “Debit”, “Malvazija” or “Žlahtina”. There is also the inevitable “Prošek”, an extremely sweet dessert wine.

About the Traditional Dalmatian Wines

The king of Croatian wines “Dingač” is certainly first on the list of the best traditional wines. This top quality traditional red wine comes from the autochthonous variety “Plavac Mali”. It got the name after the locality Dingač on the Pelješac peninsula. The most internationally known autochthonous Croatian wine variety is “Plavac mali”, which goes well with meat dishes under the baking lid, or homemade Dalmatian prosciutto.

Wine was produced on the island of Hvar while the island was still a Greek colony. Hence, this red wine variety “Plavac Mali” got the name after the ancient Greek name for Hvar – “Faros”. “Pošip” is a white wine of the autochthonous variety that grows on the sunny island of Korčula.

Babić” is a red wine created from the autochthonous grape variety of the same name. It got the name after the family that produces this wine. Thus, this variety thrives best on sparse, rocky soil in the area above Primošten, the so-called Primošten terraces.

The sweet dessert wine “Prošek” will go well with some of the traditional Dalmatian cakes or desserts. Also, according to a legend, the Roman emperor Diocletian produced the same wine.

Lastly, walks through the vineyards are very popular, combined with wine tastings and tasting the offer of indigenous cuisine – wine and walk! Come and enjoy the sun, sea and traditional wines of Dalmatia

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