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This tame Croatian region not far from Zagreb is full of hills and old “hiža”, modern thermal baths, old castles, warm rural households and harmonious vineyards, bike paths and numerous lookouts for the perfect picnic. Everywhere you go, you rest your eyes on the green hills of Zagorje. They are overgrown with deciduous forests of oak, beech, hornbeam. Green cover during the fall is replaced by vivid colourful autumn colours of warm tones.

Places at Green Hills of Zagorje

Take a walk through the most tame hills that hide numerous springs of healing thermal water. You will also see small churches, old “hiža” that entice with their authenticity, castles, castles and parks. Enjoy excellent rural households and authentic “klieti”, especially the gastro and etno offer they offer. In local restaurants you will have the opportunity to try traditional dishes prepared according to the original recipe. Thus, this is a list of few: zagorje “mlinci” and turkey, “štrukle”, “bučnica”, “gibanica”, buckwheat porridge.

Almost every Zagorje’s green hill proudly rises small vineyards with cellars “kljeti” where you can drink a good homemade drop of wine. People of Zagorje are old winemakers who are attached to the vine and nurture wine rituals in autumn and spring.

Only a few kilometres from Zagreb are thermal baths “Terme Tuhelj”, “Stubičke Toplice” and “Krapinske Toplice”. There, you can relax and enjoy the warm healing water and other wellness facilities. If you want to see how people lived in the past, visit the museum “Staro selo” Kumrovec. It carefully preserves old houses and shows the life and work of a Zagorje peasant in the past. Most famous castles in this region that will delight and take you to the time of medieval knights are “Trakošćan” and “Veliki Tabor”.

Treat yourself to a weekend vacation with your family and come to the untouched beauty of the green hills of Zagorje.

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