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Kvarner is a region dominated by a perfect harmony of cultural and historical sights, attractive tourist content and unique natural beauties. However, Kvarner is most famous for its bay islands.

Enjoy swimming in the clear sea or walking in the shade of the beautiful Kvarner forests. Visit the largest islands Cres, Krk, Pag, Rab and Losinj. A walk through the centuries-old parks, landscaped promenades and fragrant gardens of the island of Kvarner will provide you with a wonderful experience that you will not easily forget.

If you want to spend an active holiday and try adventure sports, bike tours, hiking, or just enjoy long walks then this is definitely a region you must visit. The islands are full of old dry stone walls. Moreover, there are the remains of cannon fortifications from the beginning of the last century, laurel, ivy, olive wood.

Charms of Kvarner Bay Islands

Kvarner will delight all gastronomy lovers who will enjoy the delicacies. The foundations of coastal cuisine are fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, wild aromatic herbs and olive oil. Specifically, Krk and Cres oil stand out, which are the bearers of the protected EU designation of origin. Do not leave Pag without trying Pag lamb, original award-winning cheeses or trying the famous Rab cake on Rab.

Kvarner bay islands abound in a wealth of island folklore and traditional customs. Furthermore, there are island festivities and merry carnival events that you can visit. During the summer months, classical music concerts are regularly held in the cathedral and churches. Every year at the end of July, the island of Rab dresses long-forgotten times during the medieval, spectacular manifestation “Rab Fair” with knight games and a crossbow tournament.

Come to the Krk Folklore Festival with classical music, opera, ballet and theatre performances. Join thousands of tourists and discover the charms of the Kvarner bay islands.

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