Međimurje – county of wine, gastronomy and sports

Međimurje – county of wine, gastronomy and sports

Međimurje, county of wine, gastronomy and sports lies between the two rivers, the Drava and Mura. The county is rich in natural and cultural attractions, clean air, peace, local gastronomy and good wine, sports activities, healing waters and above all friendly and hospitable hosts. All of this should convince you to come and visit this area.

The capital of this province is Čakovec. The whole area boasts several tourist attractions, the most famous of which is the old Zrinski castle. The hilly landscape today is dominated by vineyards and the famous Međimurje county wine roads. Also, there are numerous farms, forest paths and routes along the rivers Mura or Drava. Try healthy and crunchy apple chips. You should order a healthy version of the traditional “Međimurje gibanica” and taste perch wrapped in pumpkin seeds – famous dishes of Međimurje county gastronomy. Furthermore, try meat from “Tiblica” for the first time ever. Enjoy tasting white county wines sauvignon, “graševina”, rhine riesling, nutmeg, fragrant and red traminer, “moslavac”, chardonnay, or red wines pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon.

Places to Visit at Međimurje the county of wine

The area is full of healing thermo-mineral water and spas where you have numerous wellness offers. In addition, this experience contains numerous sports activities. It is a great vacation for the whole family and for the individual. Međimurje is perfect for destination-based cycling tourism and whether you start in Čakovec or the Sveti Martin. You can also start at Mursko Središće spas or along the banks of the Drava and Prelog. Thus, you will eventually discover many secrets and gems hidden throughout Međimurje – county of gastronomy, wine and sports.

Lastly, visit Međimurje, enjoy the natural beauties, good gastronomy and wine, you can rest your soul here, life flows more slowly, and you can use every minute for yourself.

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