Lika’s natural pearl Plitvice Lakes

Lika’s natural pearl Plitvice Lakes

Lika’s natural pearl Plitvice Lakes are a natural phenomenon consisting of 16 beautiful blue-green lakes and numerous waterfalls and streams surrounded by beautiful forests. A special beauty is to visit Plitvice lakes during the winter months. Then, waterfalls and lakes being frozen providing an unforgettable view. However, during spring and summer the abundance of water and waterfalls offers special charms.

Places at Natural Pearl Plitvice Lakes

You can observe the animals in their natural habitat because Plitvice is the oldest national park in Croatia. You will be delighted by walks along paths that leave you breathless, crystal clear water, magnificent travertine waterfalls that create clear lakes. In 1979, UNESCO included Plitvice Lakes on the World Natural Heritage List.

A panoramic train and an electric boat connect the areas of the Lower and Upper Lakes. Thus, visitors have at their disposal 10 different tour programs, four hiking trails, park is open to visitors throughout the year. Lake itself has a very beautiful nature surrounding the paths for visitors. But its charm is in clear turquoise colour of water and magical waterfalls. Something that fascinated visitors are many animals, some of which you can also see are: beautiful butterflies, birds, owls, bats and lizard greengrocer.

Explore the charms of natural pearl Plitvice lakes by train, boat and on foot, enjoying the clean and preserved nature. Come and enjoy the beauty of the lake and the scents of the forest. Or you can just feel the drops of water falling from the waterfalls.

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