Gorski Kotar undiscovered beauty

Gorski Kotar undiscovered beauty

An undiscovered beauty of Gorski kotar is also the ‘Green Heart of Croatia’. Whatever the time of year you visit Gorski Kotar its offers numerous opportunities for an unforgettable vacation. It invites you to explore its rich cultural heritage. You can admire its natural attractions, and take part in interesting events.  Gorski kotar’s undiscovered unspoilt nature, tranquillity, friendly people, excellent cuisine and wealth of natural attractions will totally surprise you.

Places to Visit at Gorski Kotar

If you visit Gorski Kotar be sure that your hosts will prepare excellent specialties based on traditional local food. Furthermore, you can hike or ride a bike in attractive natural landscapes. You can explore mysterious caves, observe animals, enjoy rafting or canoeing along river rapids. Also, you can prepare for sporting competitions, or if you just want to relax in this mountain paradise.

Visit Lake Lokve near Nacional Park Risnjak, mountain Bjelolasica, Ogulin, Delnice. Fužine are beautiful lakes surrounded by forests. Also, visit Frankopan & Zrinski castles or go kayaking & rafting down the Kupa & Dobra rivers.

National Park Risnjak is a beautiful place with a very famous mountains and heavily forested region. The park itself is dominated with limestone deposits and very white rocks, which make it very unique. Moreover, the highest peak is Veliki Risnjak, and I highly recommend that you visit is. The undiscovered beauty of Gorski Kotar make each landscapes a memorable moments, where each hike and trail will lead to new discoveries. Also, Risnjak is famous for a lynx after which got its name.

Visit the beautiful and undiscovered landscapes of Risnjak, the undiscovered beauty of Gorski Kotar and you will not regret the hikes along the mountain because they will lead you to a very beautiful nature.

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