Hidden Treasures of Istria

The hidden treasure of Istria is one of the most magical Croatian regions. Mild, sunny climate and easy way of life will enhance your relaxing stay. Also, places like long indented coast with beaches, beautiful valleys, and fascinating coastal towns such as Rovinj, Pula, Umag and Poreč will truly show you the hidden treasure of Istria. From there, it is easy to explore the hilly settlements. You can also explore the wine roads in the interior which is as beautiful as the coast.

Cherished Treasures of Istria

The most valuable monuments in Pula date from Roman times. The triumphal arch of Sergius, the Temple of Augustus at the Pula Forum, built between 2 and 14 BC, the Double Gate, the Roman Theater are the symbol of Pula. Pula amphitheatre built during reign of Emperor Augustus, Claudius and Vespasian in the first century is real treasure of Istria. The real tourist pearl of the Adriatic is the city of Rovinj. Hence, on the hilly peninsula there are narrow winding streets, small squares and tall houses. They rise to the top of the hill on which the church of St. Euphemia, patroness of Rovinj.

The 2000-year old Roman amphitheatre in Pula vividly evokes the days of gladiators and circuses. Remnants of Istria’s Roman, Byzantine and Habsburg past can be found in its churches, sites and museums. You can visit the enchanted islands of “Brijuni”. “Brijuni” is special because of the atmosphere they provide when you walk, ride, enjoy the beach, imagine the glorious times of the islands looking at old photos in the local museum that tells about the rich history of Brijuni.

You can spend the day at the coastal resorts. Similarly, you can cycle or hike in hilltop villages like Grožnjan, Buzet, Bale, Motovun or Hum. Hum is the smallest town in the world, and also known as the town of truffles. Finally, Buzet is the crown of Istria. These towns are surrounded by green hills, mysterious canyons, flower pastures and meadows. Explore small towns, discover their mystique and antiquity, visit hidden coves and find their secret locations – the treasures of Istria.

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