Taste of Istria

Taste of Istria

Istria is a region where you can enjoy taste of gastronomic delicacy more than in any other Croatian region. You will find that Istrian food and gastronomy always use fresh seasonal ingredients. Naturally, they produce best olive oil and a variety of excellent wines. Good food is present in most towns, resorts and villages enhancing the taste of Istria. The most famous Istrian product is Istrian prosciutto, olive oil and truffles.

Taste of Delicacies in Istria

Firstly, you have to try “Fritaja sa šparogama” egg-based dish. Its key ingredients are wild Istrian asparagus, Istrian “maneštra” stew-like soup made with dried meat, beans, and spring corn. “Fuži with truffles” is one of most popular Istrian dishes and consists of traditional pasta “fuži” and famous truffles or taste of Istria. “Brodet” is a traditional fish dish. The original brodet is prepared from at least seven types of fish. In addition, they put shellfish, wine, tomatoes, garlic and bay leaves, parsley and sage enhancing the taste of Istria.

Secondly, “Boškarin” is the white grey long horned cattle in Istria. In it, Istrians serve boškarin with pasta “fuzi or pljukanci”, or as a steak and top gourmet salami. “Brudet” is a rustic stew which people make with a variety of seafood. “Kroštule” are traditional Croatian pastries deep-frying ribbon-shape dough which Istrians flavour with lemon zest, limoncello, or orange liqueur reminding people of taste of Istria.

Also, in Istria there are small cheese factories. At every step that produce their own cheese, their own yogurts, sweet cream, cottage cheese, mozzarella, hard cheeses. Everything is fresh, champion and ecological.

Lastly, the production of olive oil in Istria is thousands of years old. The high quality of Istrian olive oil is primarily due to Istrian olive growers. At international competitions where they compete, Istrian olive oils take the titles of one of the best in the world. If you are on holiday in Istria, take the olive oil roads and learn more about Istrian oil mills, olive groves, cellars and small taverns because you will truly then experience the taste of Istria.

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