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Come to Slavonija and Baranja and try traditional wines and experience its nature. There are white wines “graševina”, chardonnay, pinot grissauvignon, red wines, merlotcabernet, sauvignon. Slavonija is a large wine region with a long tradition of growing wines on the slopes of all its hills. Hence most of the wines come from “Bilogora” to “Papuk” mountains. “Graševina” and Rhine Riesling are the most valuable Slavonijan eno-icons. The best grapes grown for the ice harvest are grown on the highest positions of the Slavonijan hills.

Wines of Slavonija and Baranja

The most famous winemakers of this region are: Enjingi, Krauthaker, Zdjelarević, Adžić, Galić, Buhač, Kalazić, Josić, Antunović, Iločki podrumi. Visit the vineyards and enjoy wine, food and walks in Daruvar, Đakovo, Feriščani, Kutjevo, Orahovica and Slavonski Brod.

Moreover, take a look at the beauties of the nature park “Kopački rit” which will completely delight you with its untouched and preserved beauty. You can visit Kopački rit Nature Park in several ways. Mostly, with an earlier reservation in the Reception Center, you can get to know the park by tourist train, boat, boat, bicycle and on foot.

If you like hiking or just simply enjoy nature and the forest, take a walk in the nature park “Papuk” and “Spačvanska” forest. Papuk Nature Park has seven educational trails, numerous hiking and biking trails. Also, it provides opportunities for sport climbing, swimming in thermal waters, paragliding, horseback riding, recreational fishing or winter sports. Lastly, Spačva forest is located between the Sava and Danube rivers. In European dimensions, Spačva is also one of the largest complete oak forests.

Go horseback riding or just visit the famous Lipizzaner horses in Ergel Lipican Đakovo and Ergel Lipik. The state stud farm of Lipizzaners Đakovo has become an unavoidable destination for tourist visits to Đakovo, Slavonia, but also Croatia. Visit Slavonija and Baranja because you will truly be amazed by its nature and traditional wines.

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