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When you visit eastern region of Croatia, you must try home-made traditional food of Slavonija and Baranja. Everything grew in this area, it is very natural. Specifically, people prepare it according to ancient recipes that pass down from generation to generation.

Thus, some traditional food of Slavonija and Baranja you must try: “Fiš paprikaš” which is fish stew and “čvarci” (Pork cracklings). Čvarci are pressed pieces of pork fat which are obtained by melting of the bacon with skin. Lastly, you must try “slanina” – bacon dried meat product, a piece of greasy pork meat, salted and dried on smoke.,

Dishes of Slavonija and Barnja

Firstly, “Šaran” Carp roasted in a traditional way on a stick, sataraš stewed vegetables (onions, peppers and tomatoes) are some of side dishes. Also, there is “gulaš”, a stew of beef or veal and vegetables, flavoured with paprika.

“Paprikaš” is a stew which can be done from any tip of meat (chicken, beef, pork) and vegetables, flavoured with paprika. Moreover, “Kulen” Baranjski and Slavonski, kulin is a preserved sausage made from a mixture of the highest quality pork cuts, back fat, salt and spices stuffed into the caecum of a pig. People usually peal the caecum from the sausage, giving it a beautiful spicy taste.

Lastly, if you want to eat all these dishes you can visit various ethnic villages and restaurants in Slavonija and Baranja. In addition to eating, you can enjoy homemade cookies and see the traditional Slavonian village and houses and feel the atmosphere of life in the countryside.

  • Baranjska kuća Karanac
  • Skepić seljačko gospodarstvo Karanac
  • Stara Kapela eko-etno selo
  • Antin Stan-Salaš Ivankovo,
  • Eko-etno seosko imanje family Silović Korađ,
  • Kapetanova kuća Šarengrad,
  • Eko-etno imanje Mara Oprisavci,
  • Ergela Olanović Oprisavci,
  • Gospodarstvo Vuksanović Kruševica Slavonski Šamac.

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