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Visit the cities of Osijek and Slavonski Brod, where the ancient fortresses of Austro-Hungary are located. These old forts include past times and will take you back to time of ladies with crinolines and cavalry hussar officers. Stroll along the landscaped banks of the river. Have a coffee in the main squares and enjoy the view of Slavonija and Baranja places and cultural events.

Memorable Places of Slavonija and Baranja

Firstly, you must visit and enjoy the charms of the cities of Vukovar, Vinkovci, Našice, Požega. They, as their inhabitants say, “have a soul”. All places are in the style of Austro-Hungarian cities. Thus, you can easily be confused that you are in a small town in Austria.

PRANDAU – MAILATH castle and PRANDAU – NORMANN, baroque castle Pejačević in Našice are one of the best preserved castles in Croatia. You should definitely visit them during a tour of Slavonija and Baranja places. Beautiful landscape promenades and beautiful landscape parks surround the castles.

Do not leave Slavonija and Baranja without visiting the events “Đakovački vez” and “Vinkovačka jesen”. Specifically there you will see the culture of Slavonijan customs and dances. Lastly, “Fishijada” in Vukovar and Slavonski Brod various teams traditionally compete in cooking and baking fish and traditional fish stew.

Come to Slavonija and Baranja places and cultural events where you will surely enjoy your time. Stroll throuth the streets of the cities and embrace the beauty of the uniqueness of eastern part of Croatia.

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